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FT Hard Currency Podcast: Smoking May, red-hot June

Richard Benson, Co-Head of Portfolio Investments, talks to Roger Blitz of the FT about the forex developments of the week, including the pound's resilience in the face of a furious Brexit brawl and the likely impact on the dollar and the euro if next month delivers both a US rate hike and ECB tapering signals.

Financial Times, May 5, 2017

Wall Street Journal Podcast: What Does a Strong Dollar Mean?

The US dollar has been rising sharply since the election. But what exactly does that mean? Paul Vigna and Stephen Grocer are joined by Mark Astley, Chief Executive Officer of currency investment manager Millennium Global Investments, and reporter Chelsey Dulaney.

Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2016

How to manage foreign currency exposure given uncertain outlook for U.S. dollar

Mark Astley, CEO of Millennium Global, describes how a pragmatic and effective approach to managing currency exposure is to recognize that an active approach to managing currency exposure, within an international portfolio, is advisable in exactly the same way that an active allocation approach to the equity, fixed-income and alternative asset allocation is commonplace.

Pensions and Investments, October 31, 2016

Markets brace for Brexit Friday

Mark Astley, CEO of Millennium Global, discusses the probability of a Brexit and the risk to global markets with Sara Eisen and Wilfred Frost

CNBC, June 22, 2016

EM-brace the change

A breathless rally in emerging market FX begs the obvious question: will it last? Claire Dissaux, Head of Global Economics and Strategy, tells Roger Blitz what will influence the rally and which parts of EM look more attractive than others.

Financial Times, April 15, 2016

China floats renminbi boat (FT Podcast)

Beijing has been letting its currency fall again. Richard Benson, Co-Head of Portfolio Investments, talks to Roger Blitz of the Financial Times about the implications, examines the impact of China’s economic rebalancing on commodity currencies and discusses how to fix central banks’ lines of miscommunication.

Financial Times, December 11, 2015

Investors Flee Emerging Markets

Claire Dissaux, Head of Economics and Strategy, contributes comment how Chinese monetary policy and economic growth could impact other emerging markets

The Wall Street Journal, August 20, 2015

Euro Resilient Amid Greek Crisis

Richard Benson, Co-Head of Portfolio Investments,comments on prospects for the Euro as the deadline for Greek debt negotiations approaches

The Wall Street Journal, June 18, 2015

Mexican Peso Benefits from US Strength

Claire Dissaux, Head of Global Economics and Strategy, provides comment on how structural reforms and fiscal policy in Mexico set the country apart from other emerging markets

Dow Jones Business News, April 22, 2015

Currency Hedging Up With the Dollar

Mark Astley, CEO of Millennium Global, contributes comments on investors’ challenges and a pick-up in interest in currency hedging.

Pensions and Investments, March 9, 2015

Fall in Commodity Prices

Fall in commodity prices adds to low global inflation. This creates challenges to several central banks in advanced economies trying to lift inflation.

Dollar Storm Ends 10 Year FX Calm

Discussion of the impact of USD volatility on institutional investors' portfolios. Lisa Scott-Smith, Co-Head of Portfolio Investments, comments on the importance of identifying and managing currency risk.

IPE Europe, November 2014

Company Anniversary 20 Years

We will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary with staff, family and friends. This landmark establishes the firm as having one of the longest track records in the currency investment management industry.

Labour Market Dynamics

The divergence in labour market dynamics has been striking. The fall in US or UK unemployment has been faster than anticipated than the Euro market.

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