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FX Execution Services

Millennium Global is an independent provider of unbiased and transparent FX Execution Services.

  • We execute over USD 500 billion in currency transactions each year for institutional clients.
  • We adhere to the FX Global Code, a set of global principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market.
  • We have established trading terms with many of the world’s largest FX liquidity providers.

Our specialist execution professionals evaluate depth and liquidity in FX markets to determine effective market timing and execution methods

  • Transaction cost analysis, provided by independent specialist IHS Markit,  is offered to all clients.  This provides a transparent assessment of the quality of our execution.
  • We offer a clear and competitive annual fee structure that is distinct to that of banks and brokers that are motivated to monetise every transaction.
  • We can provide clients direct online access to multibank FX rates and other services through the MillTechFX execution platform.

A distinct and transparent execution service for institutional clients

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