Strategic Currency Hedging

To adjust the passive hedge ratio on a strategic basis to optimise over the long term

Investment Objective:

Our Strategic Hedging strategy reviews the passive hedge ratio (quarterly or bi-annually) to seek to optimise the hedge ratio on a longer term basis within the range specified by the client.

Key Features:

  • The strategic hedge ratio applied to currency exposure in an international asset portfolio is adjusted infrequently but potentially materially to optimise over the long term
  • The hedge ratio is adjusted versus the base currency only, with no cross-hedging
  • Strategic hedging seeks to capture the major trends in portfolio currencies versus the base currency


  • Shifts the responsibility of long term currency impact away from non-specialist boards and Trustees.
  • Seeks to adjust the passive hedge ratio on a strategic basis only to reduce the incidence of large drawdowns and cash outflows
  • Longer-term review period helps capture currency’s mean-reversion to its ‘fair-value’ over time

 Hedge ratios vary on a strategic basis over the long term

Dynamic Hedging

What Makes Us Different:

  • Substantial experience in analysing and forecasting major currency trends
  • A large investment team including one of the founders of the managed currency industry
  • Provide tailor-made programmes addressing client’s unique requirements


Risk Mitigation

Manage Exisiting Risk

Absolute Return

Strategic Currency Hedging

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