Active Currency Overlay

Investment Objective:

Our Active Currency Overlay product is designed for investors seeking to actively manage the existing currency risk in an international portfolio of assets with the objective of adding incremental return and tactically hedging the existing risk.

Key Features:

  • Long-term track record of positive risk-adjusted returns
  • Proprietary risk management framework which truncates downside risk and achieves positive skewness of returns
  • Programmes are “Unfunded” - minimal capital allocation is required

Millennium Global’s style is distinctive amongst Active Currency Overlay managers*

Active Currency Overlay

*Stylised representation of currency industry peers.


  • Programmes seek to improve the risk/return characteristics of an international asset portfolio
  • Returns are typically uncorrelated to traditional equity, bond and commodity market returns
  • Possibility to be implemented on a stand-alone basis or with a passive benchmark hedge depending upon client requirements

What Makes Us Different:

  • Highly experienced currency investment team (with an average industry tenure in excess of 20 years) including one of the founders of the currency overlay industry
  • Distinctive fundamental discretionary investment approach that offers strong diversification benefits
  • Investment approach is adaptive to changes in the economic and financial market environment
  • Active collaboration with clients to establish and manage bespoke programmes, regarding operational set-up, portfolio guidelines and a passive hedge benchmark as required.
  • Operational platform designed to meet the needs of institutional clients for 20 years


Risk Mitigation

Manage Exisiting Risk

Absolute Return

Who we are

Founded in 1994, we are an independent institutional asset manager based in London specialising in currency investment management for institutional clients globally.
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What we do

We provide currency management solutions including risk mitigation strategies, active management of existing risk, absolute return products and advisory services.
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