Specialist Currency Manager

Millennium Global is a specialist currency manager and offers a comprehensive range of currency investment solutions to meet the requirements of institutional investors globally.

These currency solutions address four broad investor requirements:

  1. Risk Mitigation
  2. Active Management of Existing Currency Risk
  3. Absolute Return
  4. Advisory Service

Millennium Global works closely with clients to provide solutions that are highly customised to address specific currency management objectives.

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Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation programmes reduce the additional volatility arising from currency exposure in global portfolios. We offer a range of hedging solutions that address the objective of risk mitigation.

Passive Hedging Dynamic Hedging
Active Currency Overlay

Active Overlay

Active management addresses both the risk and return consequences of existing currency exposure. An Active Overlay seeks to actively manage existing currency risk in global portfolios.

Active Currency Overlay
Absolute Return

Absolute Return

Currency markets can be utilised as a source of total returns for investors. These strategies seek to achieve positive total returns from active trading in global currency markets.

Absolute Return

Advisory Service

Advisory Services are offered on a bespoke basis and are tailor-made to address clients’ needs including hedging strategies, active currency management, currency basket construction, long term currency views and emerging market overlays.

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Who we are

Founded in 1994, we are an independent institutional asset manager based in London specialising in currency investment management for institutional clients globally.
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What we do

We provide currency management solutions including risk mitigation strategies, active management of existing risk, absolute return products and advisory services.
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