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Currency Advisory Services

Millennium Global provides currency advisory services to help clients establish currency policies, design currency programmes, analyse currency market behaviour and make investment decisions.


Establishing a currency policy:

  • Advising on best market practices.
  • Helping clients to determine and maintain appropriate FX policies and guidelines.
  • High-touch relationship management.
  • Advising on cash-management and other liquidity solutions.
  • Managing client communication, including investment research and reporting.


The skills and market understanding of Millennium Global’s specialist investment, operations and economic research professionals enable us to provide a range of currency advisory services to clients


Designing a currency programme:

  • Consulting on the use of a Prime Broker or an agency ISDA model.
  • Establishing Management Agreements and documenting appropriate guidelines.
  • Establishing ISDA agreements with counterparties and on-boarding processes.
  • Negotiating credit terms and Credit Support Annexes.


Analysing currency markets

  • Macro-economic and currency research, covering developed and liquid emerging markets, assists clients’ market understanding
  • Emerging market FX advisory services can help clients capture high yields in FX


Making investment decisions:

  • Currency hedging signals help clients dynamically manage FX exposure


Currency Advisory Services

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